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Window Tinting

We offer a wide range of window tint films from all 3 major leading tint manufactures, Xpel, SunTek, and STEK. With so many variants of films these days its hard to know what you are purchasing, thats why we have narrowed it down to what we feel to be the three best in the game.

Tint has moved on from being just a window darkening privacy glass, we now offer window tint in a variety of forms including, infrared heat rejection, UV ray protection, radio interference free, anti glare, and anti shatter tint.

With shades available from 100% (clear) all the way down to 5% (darkest), we have a tint to match your every requirement.

Please see our range of products below and get in contact for further information regarding our window tinting services.

The UK's 1st XPEL Certified Installer!

Privicy Glass Done Right

All our tint patterns are computer cut and designed in house for a precise fitment. Some interior window trims may need to be removed to correctly install the film, this assures product longevity and a ultra clear, invisible install.

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Ceramic Series Window Tint

The most technologically advanced window tint available. Ceramic tints are made of a non metal construction, allowing for an interference free drive. Unlike metal based tints, ceramic allows signals from GPS navigation systems, Bluetooth, mobile phones, and satellite radio's to freely transmit signals without interference.

Ceramic technology also offers exceptional heat and UV protection, blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays to help keep you cool and safe on those hot summer days.

Developed with a non reflective appearance to help protect against fading and change of colour.

Ceramic Series Features

Ceramic Particle Technology

Unparalleled Infrared & Solar Heat Rejection

Blocks 99% Of UV Rays

Anti Glare Up To 92%

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Carbon Series Window Tint

Just like the ceramic series, the carbon is a non metal constructed film.

Allowing for superior interference free driving with the added benefits of solar heat and UV ray protection.

Constructed with a non reflective surface vitually eliminating fading and colour change.

Carbon Series Features

Nano Carbon Technology

Superior Solar Heat Rejection

Blocks 99% Of UV Rays

Crystal Clear Communications

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A green BMW M3 Competition with tinted rear windows

Metal Dyed Series Window Tint

Made from a multi layer hybrid metal dyed construction. Offers a sharp clear view with road glare reduction.

Available in a range of shades other than black, with options in charcoal, blue, and bronze.

Metal Dyed Series Features

Hybrid Dye Metal Technology

Reliable Quality & Performance

Reduces Road Glare

Heat Rejection

UV Protection Up To 98%

Available in Black, Charcoal, Bronze, And Blue

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