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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings are a great way to protect your cars paintwork from the elements. Increasing surface hardness to 9-10H allows the ceramic coating to protect against light scratches and chemicals within the ph2-ph12 scale. Whilst the hydrophobic characteristics allow bonded containments such as tree sap, water spots, and tar easy to remove.

With such a wide variety of Ceramic Coatings out there we have one for every surface on your vehicle. Protect plastics, leathers, and rubbers against UV rays, interior fabrics against stubborn stains, exterior paint against scratches, contaminates and water spots, and glass against bug splatter.

At Auto Protek we always look to offer a wide series of Ceramic Coatings to suite every application. That's why we currently stock only the best tried and tested coatings available on the market today, including products from Gtechniq, Titan Coatings, Xpel, Gyeon, Sonax, & CarPro. Why so many brands you may ask? Well we often find some products work better than others for certain surfaces, this means we will always use the best product for each service.

Although not a requirement we would advise an enhancement polish with any exterior Ceramic Coating option.

The UK's 1st XPEL Certified Installer!

We Offer The Latest In Car Ceramic Coatings & Paint Sealants

A collection of our most popular services. These can be mixed and matched to meet every customers requirements, if you have a ceramic coating combo in mind or would like to discuss in more detail please feel free to get in contact with us.

We currently cover the Surrey, Berkshire, and Hampshire surrounding areas.

A super rare porsche 911 sport classic

Exterior Paint Ceramic Coating

All exterior painted and carbon surfaces protected.
2, 5, & 9 year coatings available.

Prices start at £250+ VAT
Completion time: 24 hrs

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A Ferrari F12 after ppf has been ceramic coated

PPF Ceramic Coatings

Up to 4 years warranty.
Specifically designed ceramic coating for paint protection film.
Protection against UV Rays, Insect Acids, Oxidation, and Contaminants.
Repels water, dirt, and road grime.
Increase colour depth.
Prevents discolouration.
Stain resistant.

Prices start at £350+ vat
Completion time: 24 hr

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Water forming bead droplets on a ceramic coated windscreen

Glass Coatings

Keeps windscreens cleaner for longer.
Enhanced visibility in wet driving conditions.
Lasts approx 20,000 miles.

Prices start at £40+ VAT
Completion time: 24 hrs

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Close up of a LaFerrari wheel and calliper

Wheels + Calipers

Reduces contaminant build up.
Repels tar, iron, rubber, brake dust, dirt, & oil.
Lasts approx 12 months.

Prices start at £50+ Vat
Completion time: 24 hrs

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The headrest of a Ferrari with black leather and a dark purple horse stitching

Interior Leather / Fabrics

All interior fabrics & leather treated.
Repels dirt, staines, and liquids.
UV protection.
Prevents discolouration.
Lasts approx 12 months.

Prices start at £110+ Vat
Completion time: 24 hrs

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A dark black porsche boxter Spyder with a red fabric roof

Convertible Roof Treatment

Protects against UV fading
Water and dirt repellent
Prevents growth of mildew

Prices start at £120+ Vat
Completion time: 24 hrs

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