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About Us

At Auto-Protek we are committed to bringing all our clients the highest level of service using the finest automotive products. We are consistently testing the latest materials to ensure we are always up to date and can offer the ultimate product when it comes to vehicle care. Our team are passionate about what they do and aim to deliver the highest level of quality and service you would only experience at Auto-Protek.

Presenting a wide range of services including Paint Protection Film, Detailing, Ceramic Coatings, Paint Restoration, Vehicle Transport, Window Tinting, and much much more.

Holding the title for the UK's first Xpel Certified Installer and an early adaptor of SunTek Films (Factory Trained since 2015) has enabled us to gain vital knowledge within our sector. Our core knowledge originates from a Paint Protection Film background, from there we have grown and adapted to suit individual clients needs, and have a vast knowledge within all areas surrounding the PPF industry.

We stock a range of protection films from a variety of different manufacturers. From virtually invisible self healing films, high gloss, matte finishes, gloss black, even carbon fibre gloss black PPF. This insures we have every angle covered when it comes to our customers, we also provide different thickness films so to meet each panels specific requirement.

There are pros and cons to each film so we will always discuss your specific needs and requirements in advanced before proceeding.

Our paint protection films are guaranteed by the manufacturer between 7-15 years against yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining and hazing. Provided the correct maintenance instructions and care have been followed we actually offer our own guarantee which goes beyond any standard manufacturer.

Please get in contact with us today to see why we are the superior choice for your automotive needs.

The UK's 1st XPEL Certified Installer!