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A red LaFerrari after having PPF Film installed.

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Protect Your Car, With The Next Generation In Automotive Self-Healing PPF

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Looking to protect your car from stone chips, scratches, and scuffs? PPF Film offers your vehicle paramount protection against the elements and everything the road can throw at it.
Check out our most popular protective packages below, or jump straight into a quote. Available in Xpel ULTIMATE FUSION™, ULTIMATE PLUS™, and STEALTH™.
A McLaren showing an example of a partial front ppf kit

Partial Front

A great budget option, providing protection to the very front of the vehicle where most stone chips occur.

Completion time: 5-6 hrs.

  • Front bumper + Splitter
  • Partial bonnet
  • Partial front wings
  • Headlights
  • Wing mirrors
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A McLaren with full front paint protection film diagram

Full Front

A level up from the partial protection package, our full front is ideal for the everyday driver. Giving protection to where 70% of chips occur.

Completion time: 24 hrs (1 Working Day).

  • Front bumper + Splitter
  • Bonnet
  • Front wings
  • Headlights
  • Wing mirrors
  • A-Pillars
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A 720s with a track pack shown for reference

Track Pack

For that added piece of mind, helping to protect the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle against stone chips and paint scuffs.

Completion time: 30 hrs (1-2 Working Days).

  • Front bumper + Splitter
  • Bonnet
  • Front wings
  • Headlights
  • Wing mirrors
  • A-Pillars
  • Lower side sills
  • Rear bumper arch partials
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A McLaren displaying a full xpel ppf kit

Full Vehicle

The ultimate protection film package. Our full vehicle ppf kit helps to keep your vehicles paint in like new condition. Great for maintaining resale value and keeping cosmetic costs to a minimum.

Completion time: 2-3 working days.

  • Complete coverage of all external painted surfaces + all exterior carbon
  • Free full vehicle ceramic coating included
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A green Audi RS6, with Xpel Ultimate Fusion Paint Protection Film installed.
Protect against stone chips and scratches with Xpel ULTIMATE FUSION™. A high gloss, optically clear, self-healing paint protection film, with a built in hydrophobic top coat.
A red Ferrari showing  the rear taillights tinted with Xpel paint protection film.
The best all round paint protection film Xpel ULTIMATE PLUS™. Utilising heat activated self-healing properties and enhanced durability, all backed with a 10 year warranty.
The front of a satin grey Range Rover sport.
Protect that high maintenance, Magno, Frozen, Frosted, and any other matte paintwork. Or you can transform your vehicle's original paint to a satin finish all with Xpel STEALTH™.
The front of a black Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Transform the look of your vehicle with Xpel ULTIMATE PLUS™ BLACK. With a rich deep black colour this self-healing paint protection film is great for adding style to your bonnet, roof, spoiler, or interior.
The interior of a Range Rover Sport, with Xpel paint protection film installed to interior.

Protect the interior of your vehicle with Xpel RX™. Perfect for all glossy interior surfaces and touch screens. Protecting and restoring, all whilst stoping the spread of germs and bacteria.
The rear of a silver Ford GT, showing the glossy finish of Xpel Fusion Plus paint protection film ceramic coating.
Fusion Plus™ PPF Ceramic Coating

Make life simple with a hydrophobic easy-to-clean surface. FUSION PLUS™ protects against contaminants, UV rays, and bug acids, whilst repelling dirt and providing resistance to light scratches.

About Our Services

With leading self-healing top coat technology to eradicate light scratches and maintain a glossy high end finish. Not only providing superior depth and clarity whilst protecting your vehicles paint, we also offer a 10 year manufacture warranty across our whole range of PPF products.

A finish for every surface!! We have a wide range of Paint Protection Films (PPF) to suit every paint type, everything from high gloss, to smooth satin, to deep black. We also have the ability to transform gloss paintwork to satin whilst still retaining the original vehicle colour using our clear satin PPF.

It's removable!! A self-healing removable protection film layer, longer lasting than a liquid ceramic coating and offering even more paint protection with its tough polyurethane defence layer.

No Cutting On The Car!! Our own cutting pattern software utilises the latest design advancements to provide a pre cut pattern with a perfect fit. The ability to wrap, extend, or manipulate any edge, gives us full control over fitment for that invisible finish.

Auto Protek are proud to be an official Xpel accredited dealer, we are certified to provide and install the full spectrum of Xpel PPF products, and we are the first official Xpel PPF installer in the UK (Certified since 2015).

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Paint Protection Film FAQ

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  • Xpel Certified Installers Since 2015
  • Utilising Xpel DAP Pattern Software
  • Fully Insured For Vehicles Valued Up To £2M
  • Enclosed Transportation Available
  • Complementary Wash And Check-Up

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