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Paint Protection Film Design, Cut, & Installation Process 101


Here we will explain the three key factors of our paint protection film process. We feel correct installation techniques and procedures are critical when it comes to installing paint protection film to any vehicle. Here we have broken down the main factors we believe is necessary to achieve a flawless finish.



During our design process, we create our patterns based on invisibility. Our designs are completely customised to meet each of our individual clients needs. Weather it be a partial bonnet, carbon fibre splitter or an interior protection pack, we can produce a fully custom pattern to match.


Where possible, we will apply one piece of paint protection film to each panel, in addition we will wrap all possible edges so that once fitted the clear self-healing film will be virtually invisible.



Once our design process is complete its time to start pre-cutting via our Graphtec FC8600-160 cutting plotter. This top of the line 64" plotter cuts the design pattern out of the paint protection film roll, once all cutting is finished we then remove any unnecessary excess film leaving a precision computer cut pattern. This means we have no need to cut on the vehicle whatsoever, leaving the paint untouched and a much cleaner virtually invisible install.


We only use the latest in cutting plotter technology to insure quality cutting time and time again, with its ultra wide 64" width meaning we can take full advantage and create full one piece patterns


Pre cutting is essential when it comes to paint protection film, there is no excuse for cutting on the vehicle no matter how good an installer thinks they are. There is no guarantee when putting a knife to the film that you will not go through and score the paintwork, this is why we always pre-cut patterns using our plotter.

Paint Protection Film


With so many paint protection films out there its hard to know which ones to choose. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages and each is more suited to a specific application.


We have meticulously researched and tested to find the best films in the industry for everyday and track oriented protection. We believe we have found two of the best manufactures when it comes to protection, maintenance, cosmetic appearance, longevity and conform-ability.


We believe in using self-healing paint protection films, not only for their protective features but for their ability to keep the polyurethane protective layer looking like new all the time.


The main disadvantages when it comes to a film without a self healing top coat is its appearance. it is easy to get a build up of swirl marks and fine scratches just from everyday washing, with self healing film it will stay in a pristine condition for years to come.

Our Process

Design Process


Pattern is designed, allowing for parking sensors, washer jets, or any other features. When ready we send to our Graphtec FC8600-160 for pre-cuting.

Cutting Process


Designs are sent to our Graphtec cutting plotter, once cutting is finished we then weed out the design and prepare the vehicle ready for installation.



We begin to install the paint protection film using a specially formulated gel solution. Any bubbles are squeeged out and edges are wrapped where possible.

Protection Complete


Vehicle is finished and looking shiny, thanks to the self healing high gloss top-coat in the film. With this particular vehicle all parts protected including bumper, bonnet, wings, side skirts, partial rears, lights & mirrors.

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